Event Safety

World Safety Consulting offers a variety of Event Safety Coverage in most areas throughout the world. Rates and conditions may vary form one location to another and from one service type to another. For the most up-to-date information, please either access the reservation form or contact our office (E: info@worldsafetyconsulting.com P: 1-833-454-8273)

Medic Rates

Basic Life Support (BLS) certification level:

  • 4-Hour Minimum
  • 6-Hour Minimum
  • 8-Hour Minimum
  • After 8 Hours
  • After 12 Hours
  • $300 ($75/hr available in select U.S. cities)
  • $390 ($65/hr)
  • $464 ($58/hr)
  • 8 hours at $58/hr & then at rate of $75/hr
  • 12 hours at $58/hr & then at rate of $116/hr

Advanced Life Support (ACLS) certification level (these fees are added to the published Basic Life Support (BLS) rates listed above):

  • Upgrade coverage to ACLS
  • Upgrade to ACLS Kit
  • Rescue/Ambulance Team
  • $95 fee per day
  • $78 fee per day
  • $188-$299/hr (available in select US cities)

Mandatory First Aid Supplies & Kit Fees:

  • Daily First Aid Kit Rental
  • Weekly First Aid Kit Rental
  • Monthly First Aid Kit Rental
  • $40/day (up to 28 hours)
  • $190/week (up to 7 days)
  • $600/month (up to 32 days)

Possible Additional Fees:

  • Mileage
  • Late Minute Reservations
  • Cancellation (less than 24-hours or breaking contract)
  • $.65.5/mile (IRS mileage rate in certain cities)
  • $125 surcharge
  • $250 or 35% of contract total (whichever is more)

Possible Additional Equipment:

  • Rescue Stretcher/Chair/Etc $300/day + applicable shipping/delivery fees
  • Certified Pool Lifeguard $70/hr (4-hour minimum select world cities)
  • Certified Open Water Lifeguard $88/hr (4-hour minimum select world cities)
  • Certified Swift Water Recue Personnel $95/hr (4-hour minimum select world cities)
  • Certified Firefighter $95/hr (5-hour minimum select world cities)
  • Certified Wilderness First Aid Personnel $60/hr (4-hour minimum select US cities)
  • Security Personnel
  • Armed Security Personnel $185/hr (2-hr minimum; 2 personnel minimum)
  • Traveling Security Personnel $295/hr () plus applicable travel expenses/fees
  • Traveling Armed Security Personnel $395/hr (2-day minimum ; 2 personnel minimum) plus applicable travel expenses/fees

All rates, certification levels, terms and conditions, and other details are subject to change

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